Creative Spotlight

The Garage — Las Vegas, NV

The Garage corporate logo is a strong representation of the character of The Garage — a modern, progressive business that embraces a strong, muscle-car heritage. The central image of this logo is the “Checkered G” This is a combination of opposing checkered flags, the dimensional chevron, and the letter “G” arranged to mimic the ornamentation typically found on the body panels of the 1960s and 1970s era muscle cars. They are intricately designed, purposefully constructed and functional.


We get so many compliments on its professional and brand-savvy appearance from customers, vendors, and the general public alike. We had a vision and just gave you some key words and you came up with a logo and wordmark for our trade name that are truly remarkable. I would so quickly recommend you to other businesses, as I have done already and cannot wait until an opportunity for a new business venture. At that point, you can be sure we will call on you again, as you are quick, dependable, flexible, effective, and of course nice. We thank you again and hope you realize how much of a help to our new business you have been!

Guy Sheets, Owner – The Garage, Las Vegas, NV

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