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Please accept this letter of personal reference for Aaron Prager.

Published on January 8, 2018

It is a distinct pleasure to highly recommend Aaron for a creative management and/or graphic designer position in your organization. I have worked with Aaron for over five years and found that his work is superior, well thought out, creative and productionable. I have personally seen him faced with creative challenges, which his solutions were artistily and aesthetically brilliant.

Aaron was a client when I worked in print. Aaron’s design files were laid out to minimize production cost. His layered files were readily accepted by pre-production, with minimal changes, if any. The production cycle was always tight, however he understands “what it takes” for pieces to be completed.

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I was always amazed with the final piece of his design. He has an ability to pull the audience into his two dimensional output. This could only be done by understanding the creative process, using speciality techniques, and an unconventional thought process. These attributes contributed to his end product standing out and above the noise of advertising.

I do hope that I have the pleasure of working with Aaron again, as I know he will continue to develop and create designs that are above the standard.

Dena Joy Davidson